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Do you know this situation? The border of your screen is completely filled with these yellow notes, but the information, you need now is not possible to find.
With ActiveNote (formerly Note It), you can set an end to this chaotic situation. Electronic notes are not only all time available, but they have some more advantages to their "hardware"-pendants: The can be administrated more easy, can be encrypted, can contain all multimedia objects (i.e. Sounds), can be send by eMail through the Internet or directly through your LAN to an colleague, and so on...

The best: ActiveNote is totally free and you can copy and pass it as you like. And also your foreign friends will be happy about ActiveNote: The program "speaks" eight languages and can be translated be the user, if desired. More info to ActiveNote you find at "What's new" and "Description".

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Especially interesting for companies are individual created OEM-Versions of ActiveNote, comparable to paper-based-notepads as advertising media. They can be copied free, so the eye-catcher will be fast bruited to potential new clients.

Do you know? My homepage has other interesting, free programs in German.

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